Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Taxi cab spy cameras 'capture' fare cheat

A TAXI spy camera scheme has netted its first criminal after a man was caught on CCTV running off without paying his cab fare.

Now, police and council bosses hope the cameras - which are hidden in the back of taxis - will make people think twice before abusing, attacking or stealing from drivers.

The Bolton News reported in February that cameras were due to be installed in some taxis in a bid to tackle hate crime, but the scheme will be officially launched in Victoria Square today.

Six taxis - two hackney carriages and four private hire cars-from Heaton Cars, Star Cars and Metro Cars now have the devices fitted inside.

They consist of a digital CCTV system with two cameras and a microphone, which are kept in two small domes in the back of the cab.

The system records both audio and video, which is then stored on a secure hard drive until needed. The cameras cost about £1,000 each, and are being paid for by the Government in a oneyear pilot. If the scheme is successful, it may be rolled out across Bolton.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

City police seek 600 more CCTV cameras

Hyderabad: The Mumbai blasts seem to have jolted the local police and the public alike. In less than a week since the serial blasts, the Hyderabad police have sought 600 additional closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. On the other hand, the images of the blasts seem to have made a significant impact on Hyderabadis as the police control room is flooded with alerts about suspicious people or objects.

As of now, there are 225 CCTV cameras in the Hyderabad police commissionerate limits while there are 55 in the Cyberabad police jurisdiction.

According to Hyderabad police commissioner A K Khan, the cameras have been used for various purposes. "Apart from traffic regulation, they are useful in maintaining law and order. We have used the camera feed to nab some accused during communal clashes last year and the ongoing Telangana agitation," Khan added.

CCTV footage has been playing a crucial role in the investigation of several crime cases, including the recent Mumbai blasts and the murder of Mid Day scribe J Dey.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NGOs use hidden cameras to capture crime

If there is something that the two recent sting operations carried out in Mumbai and Thane reveal, it is a subtle change of tactics. Instead of seeking an ambush, the decoy patients gathered as much evidence as possible-texts and audio-visual evidence of doctors' unknowingly confessing-before passing it on to the authorities.

"We have been able to establish a nexus between gynaecologists and radiologists. We found that either gynaecologists work alone-doing the ultrasound scans to establish the sex of the unborn child and sex-selected abortions-or in tandem with radiologists," said Varsha Desphande, a Satara-based advocate and a member of Lek Ladki, an NGO that carried out the raids.

Hidden cameras, too, seem to have made an appearance. Incidentally, state government health officials had in a meeting in Beed recently debated whether the government should allow NGOs enough budget to include spy cameras as an evidence-gathering tool in their sting operations.

Radiologist Jignesh Thakker, who is the general secretary of the Indian Radiological & Imaging Association, said that medical associations were now working closely with the government to reduce female foeticide. "IRIA has given a list to the state government of 21 radiologists across Maharashtra who reportedly indulge in sex-determination. We want to expose the black sheep in our profession so that others are not tainted in the same vein," he said.

Deshpande said that it is only in India that the girl child is killed in the womb. "In the last 10 years, of the 150 cases slapped against doctors for conducting sex determination tests in Maharashtra, only three have led to convictions." If you are in need of spy cameras, please visit the store. Buy spy cameras and hidden cameras here.